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Special verbs - Gustar

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The verb "gustar", meaning "to like", is a especial verb because it is most frequently used in the third person singular or plural and it is frequently used with the indirect object pronouns.

Present tense

Yo me gusta me gustan
te gusta te gustan
Él/Ella/Usted le gusta le gustan
Nosotros nos gusta nos gustan
Vosotros os gusta os gustan
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes les gusta les gustan

Special aspects:

1. The indirect object pronoun agrees with the person who is doing the liking.

A él le gusta mucho el cine.
He likes cinema a lot.

A nosotros nos gusta la hípica.
We like horse riding.

¿ Os gusta el pastel de chocolate (a vosotros)?
Do you like chocolate cake?

2. The verb form "gusta" is always singular when the noun that refers to is singular.

A mí me gusta la cerveza.
I like beer.

A ti te gusta el pescado más que la carne.
You like fish more than meat.

A ellos les gusta la paella.
They like paella.

3. The verb form "gustan" is always plural when the noun that refers to is plural.

A mi madre le gustan los libros de ciencia ficción.
My mother likes sci-fi books.

A mis abuelos les gustan las corridas de toros.
My granparents like bullfights.

A ti te gustan mucho los coches de Formula 1, ¿verdad?
You like Formula 1 cars, right?

4. The verb form "gusta" is used when we refer to actions and not the form "gustan" because the action is considered an abstract idea, hence singular.

A mi hermana le gusta cantar mientras se ducha.
My sister likes to sing while she is in the shower.

¿A usted le gusta mirar la televisión a la hora de comer?
Do you like to watch TV at lunch time?

A nosotros nos gusta jugar al fútbol.
We like to play soccer.

5. To form the negative form of the verb "gustar" just place the negative word "no" in front of the indirect object pronoun.

A mi madre no le gustan los libros de ciencia ficción.
My mother doesn\'t like sci-fi books.

A ellos no les gusta la paella.
They don\'t like paella.

¿No os gusta el pastel de chocolate?
Don\'t you like chocolate cake?