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Special Verbs - Hacer

Mouse-over Spanish text fragments in red to see English translation
The verb "hacer" is consider a especial verb because it can have more than one meaning and different uses besides its more common as "to do" or "to make".


Present Imperfect Indefinite
Yo hago hacía hice
haces hacías hiciste
Él/Ella/Usted hace hacía hizo
Nosotros hacemos hacíamos hicimos
Vosotros hacéis hacíais hicisteis
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedeshacen hacían hicieron

Special aspects

1. The most common use of the verb "hacer" is "to do" or "to make".

Vamos a hacer los deberes.
We are going to do homework.

Yo hago la cama cada mañana antes de ir a trabajar.
I make the bed every morning before I go to work.

¿Qué hacemos mañana?
What are we doing tomorrow?

2. The verb "hacer" is commonly used to talk about the weather. It is always used in the third person singular form or in the infinitive form (when used in "perifrasis verbales").

Hace mucho calor aquí.
It is too hot in here.

Este fin de semana va a hacer mucho frío.
It's going to be very cold this weekend.

Hizo un tiempo horrible durante nuestras vacaciones.
We had really bad weather during our vacations.

3. The verb "hacer" is also used to talk about time expressions. It is also only used in the third person singular form or in the infinitive form (when used in "perifrasis verbales").

Me mudé a Nueva York hace tres años.
I moved to New York three years ago.

Va a hacer dos meses que no sé nada de Carla. Me pregunto si estará bien.
It's going to be two months since I last heard from Carla. I wonder if she is ok.

¿Cuántos años hace que vives en este piso?
How many years have you lived in this apartment?

4. The verb "hacer" used in the reflexive form means to become.

Se hicieron muy amigos porque pasaban mucho tiempo juntos.
They have become good friends because they spent a lot of time together.

José Miguel se hizo médico porque su padre insistió en ello.
José Miguel became a doctor because his father insisted on it.