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The Imperative Mood - Part II

Mouse-over Spanish text fragments in red to see English translation

Uses of the Imperative Mode

1.- Give commands
This is the main use of the imperative. Use the imperative to give commands to others.


Deja de jugar con la comida.
Stop playing with your food.

Baja esa maleta del altillo.
Get that suitcase down from the sleeping loft.

2.- Grant permission
Also called the "polite imperative", it is used to grant permission when someone ask you if he or she may do something.


¿Puedo abrir la ventana? ¡Claro! Ábrela.
May I open the window? Of course! Open it.

¿Qué te parece si hago paella este domingo? Hazla, me encantan tus paellas.
What do you think if I make paella this Sunday? Do it, I love your paellas.

3.- Ask things to others
Use the imperative when you want to ask others to do something for you.


Sube el volumen de la radio, por favor.
Turn up the volume of the radio, please.

Ahora mismo no puedo atenderle. Llame en unos minutos que estoy muy ocupada.
I can't help you right now. Call back in a few minutes because I'm very busy.

4.- Give advice and instructions
Use the imperative to give advice or instructions to someone else.


Si vais a ir a la playa, coged la sombrilla que hoy pica el sol.
If you guys are going to the beach, take the sunshade because the sun is scorching today.

Para llevar una vida sana, come alimentos con poca grasa.
In order to have a healthy life, eat food low in fat.

* Notice that in 3 and 4, sometimes after the imperative there's a "que+phrase" clause that justifies the use of the imperative with a reason.