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Subjunctive - Part IV

Mouse-over Spanish text fragments in red to see English translation

Uses of the Subjunctive

5.- To express the future outcome of a present event.

To express the purpose or aim of an action with the following conjunctions that introduce the relative clause.

Todo estará recogido cuando tus padres vuelvan a casa.
Everything will be tidy up when your parents come back home.

Caminaremos hasta que nos cansemos.
We will walk until we get tired.

Mis padres trabajan mucho para que yo tenga todo lo que necesito.
My parents work a lot so that I have everything I need.

El gobierno ha ampliado las fuerzas del orden a fin de que las calles sean más seguras.
The government has expanded the security forces so that the streets are safer.

6.- To express that a decision depends on another person

We use the subjunctive when we talk about a fact for which we do not have the power to decide because the decision depends on another person. Note that the main verb of the sentence is in the imperative form.

No voy a meterme en tus asuntos. Haz lo que quieras con tu vida.
I'm not going to get into your business. Do whatever you want with your life.

Los dos vestidos son muy bonitos. Compra el que a ti más te guste.
Both dresses are nice. Buy whichever you like the most.

Llámame cuando no estés ocupado.
Call me when you are not busy.