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Get Up to Speed (G.U.T.S.)

One of the greatest obstacles that people encounter when learning Spanish is a lack of momentum. We created this Spanish for Beginners program to get you moving in the right direction and equip you with the tools to continue learning. It’s like a primer, a way to refresh and solidify the basics so you can advance with confidence on your language learning journey.

It began with a simple idea: People can understand more than they realize. Through an extensive research phase, we tested the limits of Spanish language comprehension and word recognition in the average learner. With our findings we developed a style focused on identifying and using cognates – words that are easily recognizable for English speakers.

Equal parts education and entertainment, this one-of-a kind Spanish for Beginners program creates an immersive listening experience to teach you vocabulary, grammar basics, and comprehension skills. It’s an effective course for beginners, and also for those who have studied some Spanish in the past but aren’t quite ready for News in Slow Spanish, our intermediate program.

¿Qué es?

From the beginning, we wanted G.U.T.S. to be different than most introductory Spanish courses and subvert expectations. The result is a program that captures the creative process of opposing minds collaborating to create something new.

G.U.T.S. consists of 25 episodes. The first part of each episode is a conversation between Cecilia, a Spanish teacher with traditional methods, and Rylan, a rogue linguist with unconventional ideas on language learning. They focus on building and reinforcing language skills while exploring Latin American history and culture.

The second part of the episode is a chapter in an intriguing and exciting story, narrated entirely in slow Spanish, which highlights the grammar taught in each lesson. Together, these elements work together to provide a unique and thorough educational experience.

See for yourself. The first five episodes of G.U.T.S. are free.