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Course Introduction

1. Nouns & Articles

2. Ser & Estar

3. Nouns & Adjectives

4. Regular Verbs

5. Ser/Estar (Past Tense)

6. Core Irregular Verbs (Present & Past)

7. Imperfect

8. Adverbs

9. Prepositions

10. Stem-changing Verbs - Part 1

11. Stem-changing Verbs - Part 2

12. Imperfect vs. Preterite

13. Syntax: Objects Overview

14. Past Participles & Present Perfect

15. Irregular and Go-verbs (Present)

16. Verbs with Irregular Yo-forms (Past)

17. Direct Object Pronouns

18. Indirect Object Pronouns, Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns Together

19. Reflexive Verbs

20. Verbs like Gustar

21. Present & Past Progressive

22. Past Perfect & Infinitive Constructions

23. Future Simple

24. Conditional

25. The Imperative

Episode #4

Type the letter of the correct answer in the box.

  1. Why does Marta usually collaborate with Horacio?
    a. Only for the money
    b. Because they are friends
    c. She genuinely likes unusual objects
    d. She is hoping to get a promotion

  2. Marta thought the feather and the coral were...
    a. Extremely valuable, she offered to buy them right away
    b. Garbage, she thought it was a joke
    c. She wasn’t sure, but she was interested
    d. Fascinating antiques, but not too valuable

  3. What was Horacio thinking on his way back home?
    a. He was counting the money he received.
    b. He was regretting visiting Marta.
    c. He was imagining all the possibilities.
    d. He was hoping there was another package.

  4. What did Horacio find in front of his apartment door?
    a. A bunch of envelopes
    b. A bunch of flowers
    c. Batteries
    d. Nothing

  5. True or false: Horacio received a second package.
    a. True
    b. False