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The Present Indicative - Irregular verbs

Irregular verbs are verbs that undergo a complete or partial change in the spelling of their stem or raíz, or sometimes in the spelling of their ending or terminación, unlike regular verbs, which keep the same raíz and terminación for all their different tenses and persons according to their conjugation group (-AR, -ER, or -IR). Most irregular verbs belong to the -ER and -IR conjugation groups. Irregular verbs in the -AR conjugation group exist but are rare.

Si te doy (dar) una entrada gratis, ¿vienes (venir) conmigo al cine?
If I give you a free ticket, will you come to the movies with me?

Estoy (estar) en la biblioteca, ahora no puedo (poder) hablar por teléfono.
I am at the library, I can't talk on the phone right now.

Note that the verbs used in this sentence change their stems or raíces or endings or terminaciones from the infinitive.

Below is a list of categories for irregular verbs:

A. Irregular verbs ONLY in the first person singular (yo)

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