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Adverbs of Mode or Manner

The adverbios de modo, de manera o modales (adverbs of mode or manner) indicate how or in which way a task is carried out. In order to identify this type of adverbs in a sentence, we need to ask the verb the question “how?” as in “how/what way is the action happening?”

Adverbios de modo

1. Bien (good/well/correctly), mal (bad/wrong/wrongly), regular (so-so) – these adverbs indicate that something is done rightly or wrongly, in a good or bad way, or somewhere in between.

No sé por qué he suspendido el examen si respondí todas las preguntas bien.
I don’t know why I failed the test since I answered all the questions correctly.

Seguro que te has portado mal y por eso papá te ha castigado.
I am sure you have misbehaved and that’s why dad has grounded you.

- ¿Cómo te encuentras de la gripe, Paco?
- Regular, aun no me he curado del todo.
- How are you dealing with that cold, Paco?
- So-so, I still feel a bit sick.

2. Mejor (better), peor (worse) – these adverbs indicate a better or worse state.

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