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To add fuel to the fire

Echar Leña al Fuego

To cross the line

Meter la pata

To turn a blind eye

Hacer la vista gorda

To go back on your word

Donde dije digo, digo Diego

To swindle, cheat

Dar gato por liebre

With your hands in the cookie jar

Con las manos en la masa

What a crook!

¡Qué chorizo!

To be a little devil

Ser de la piel de Barrabás

To raise hell

Armarse la de San Quintín

You made your bed, now lie in it

Que cada palo aguante su vela

To look innocent

Tener cara de no haber roto nunca un plato

To cross the line

Pasar(se) de la raya

For every law there's a loophole

Hecha la ley, hecha la trampa

Good behavior opens doors

Buen porte y buenos modales, abren puertas principales

To do good no matter what

Haz bien y no mires a quién

Opportunity makes the thief

La ocasión hace al ladrón

The scapegoat

Cabeza de turco

Silence implies consent

Quien calla, otorga

Meter la pata

The familiar expression meter la pata is highly used in Spain when somebody makes a mistake or tactless remark. Normally these remarks are innocent and never intentional, but can nevertheless lead to embarrassing and tense situations, and sometimes may even have some unpleasant consequences. More often than not, however, these type of mistakes and inappropriate comments have no major consequences and with time become funny anecdotes. Two equivalent English expressions could be to talk too much and to cross the line.

Tu amiga Carmen ha engordado diez kilos en los últimos tres meses. Tú no la has visto durante esos tres meses.

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