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Uses of preposition PARA - Part II

This week we continue talking about the uses of the preposition para. The following are the last three uses of this preposition.

5.- To be used for/by - use the preposition para to describe the use or utility of something, or that something is destined to be used by somebody.

Es un hotel para turistas.
It is a hotel for tourists.

Estoy guardando esas galletas para que se las coma tu primito cuando venga.I'm keeping those cookies for your little cousin so he can eat them when he comes.

Una lavadora se usa para lavar ropa.
A washer is to be used to wash clothes.

Sólo el 40% de las células solares se usan para conseguir energía solar.Only 40% of solar cells are used for solar electricity.

El ayuntamiento ha instalado cámaras de seguridad en las calles para ser usadas en caso de emergencia.The city hall has installed security cameras on the streets to be used in case of emergency.

6.- In order to, for the purpose of - use the preposition para when somebody does something with a final target, or somebody does something for a reason.

Trabajo para ganar dinero.
He works in order to get money.

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