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Course Introduction

1. Nouns & Articles

2. Ser & Estar

3. Nouns & Adjectives

4. Regular Verbs

5. Ser/Estar (Past Tense)

6. Core Irregular Verbs (Present & Past)

7. Imperfect

8. Adverbs

9. Prepositions

10. Stem-changing Verbs - Part 1

11. Stem-changing Verbs - Part 2

12. Imperfect vs. Preterite

13. Syntax: Objects Overview

14. Past Participles & Present Perfect

15. Irregular and Go-verbs (Present)

16. Verbs with Irregular Yo-forms (Past)

17. Direct Object Pronouns

18. Indirect Object Pronouns, Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns Together

19. Reflexive Verbs

20. Verbs like Gustar

21. Present & Past Progressive

22. Past Perfect & Infinitive Constructions

23. Future Simple

24. Conditional

25. The Imperative

Episode #10

Stem-Changing Verbs (Part I)

I. Intro: Regular & Irregular verbs

In this lesson, we’re going to talk some more about verbs. Specifically, a special class of verbs called stem-changing verbs.

Before we get down to business, let’s brush up on the components that make up a verb and the types of verbs we already know.

  • A verb consists of 2 parts: a stem + an ending
  • Whatever comes before -ar, -er, -ir, is called the verb stem
  • All verbs end in either -ar, -er, or -ir. If it doesn’t have one of these three endings, it’s not a verb!
Now let’s review the types of verbs we have learned so far, and add a new one.

II. Regular verbs

There are three categories of verb endings, also known as conjugations: -ar, -er, -ir. These are called infinitive (or base form) verb endings. For all regular verbs, the endings for each category are always the same:

HABLAR, ending: -ar, stem: habl-





habl -o habl -amos
habl -as -áis*
habl -a habl -an

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