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Course Introduction

1. Nouns & Articles

2. Ser & Estar

3. Nouns & Adjectives

4. Regular Verbs

5. Ser/Estar (Past Tense)

6. Core Irregular Verbs (Present & Past)

7. Imperfect

8. Adverbs

9. Prepositions

10. Stem-changing Verbs - Part 1

11. Stem-changing Verbs - Part 2

12. Imperfect vs. Preterite

13. Syntax: Objects Overview

14. Past Participles & Present Perfect

15. Irregular and Go-verbs (Present)

16. Verbs with Irregular Yo-forms (Past)

17. Direct Object Pronouns

18. Indirect Object Pronouns, Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns Together

19. Reflexive Verbs

20. Verbs like Gustar

21. Present & Past Progressive

22. Past Perfect & Infinitive Constructions

23. Future Simple

24. Conditional

25. The Imperative

Episode #8


I. Intro

At this point we’ve learned a lot of different nouns, adjectives, and verbs - 3 tenses to be exact! ¡Bravo! Today we’re going to take on a 4th group of words: Adverbs. Do you remember what an adverb is? Adverbs tell us how, where, when, why, how much or how often something happens. Let’s get back to the basics and build our way up to understanding these important words.

II. Review: Partes de la oración

Part of Speech

Parte de la oración




Sustantivo (nombre) Persona, lugar, cosa, idea Profesor, universidad, calendario, libertad


Verbo Acción, estado, condición Comunicar, comprender, escribir, ser/estar


Adjetivo Describe un sustantivo Contento, triste, grande, pequeño


Adverbio Describe un verbo, un adjetivo, u otro adverbio Correctamente, muy, bien, mal

To sum up, nouns are people, places, things, and ideas. Verbs describe what nouns do. Adjectives describe the nouns. Adverbs describe the verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs - they talk about how, where, when, or to what extent something happens.

III. Form

1. Manner (How?)

These adverbs tell us how or to what extent something happens. We can also take an adjective and add -mente to form an adverb of manner (just like adding -ly to an adjective in English.)

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