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To add fuel to the fire

Echar Leña al Fuego

To not mince your words

No tener pelos en la lengua

To have a heart of gold

Ser un trozo de pan

To be the black sheep

Ser la oveja negra

Like he owns the place

Como Pedro por su casa

I don't care what others think

Ande yo caliente, ríase la gente

To flout

Saltarse (algo) a la torera

To bite the bullet

Hacer de tripas corazón

To go for it

Ir a saco

To not give in

No dar el brazo a torcer

To live in style

Vivir a todo tren

To be feisty

Ser de armas tomar

The cure is worse than the disease

Ser peor el remedio que la enfermedad

Salvarse por los pelos

The informal and very common expression salvarse por los pelos, or also salvarse por un pelo, currently means to survive or escape alive from an imminent danger in the nick of time "by a stroke of luck," or to put it another way "por los pelos." In English, these meaning is conveyed by the expressions by the skin of one's teeth or by a hair's breadth.

Se salvó por los pelos de morir electrocutado en la silla eléctrica.
He escaped alive from being electrocuted in the electric chair.

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