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Uses of preposition PARA - Part I

In the previous lesson, we saw the general idea for the use of para. A quick reminder: para expresses the purpose or the objective of what we do (the target is ahead of what we do). However, we're going to see now that sometimes this rule doesn't apply, though the rule will still help you in cases where one hesitates between por and para.

Let's now get into detail and see the especific uses of this preposition. There are a total of seven different uses of para. This week we are going to see four of them. Next week, we'll see the other three.

Uses of Para

1.- Destined for, to be given to - use the preposition para when something has a particular recipient. La cerveza es para ti - The beer is for you.

Esta carta es para el Sr. Ramírez.
This letter is for Mr. Ramirez.

He comprado este regalo para el cumpleaños de mi madre.
I bought this present for my mom's birthday.

2.- A specific time - use the preposition para when something has a deadline or a start date.

El trabajo de biología es para entregar mañana.
The Biology assignment is due tomorrow.

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