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News in Slow Spanish

Leyendas Ibéricas


In Spain, just behind the vibrant markets and ancient buildings, there are dark mysteries hiding in plain sight. Explore haunted manors, meet mystical creatures in the countryside, and delve into the underworld of the big city as we journey into the supernatural... This collection of short stories was developed for our Get Up to Speed (G.U.T.S.) program. Each chapter progressively builds on essential grammar concepts and skills. It is suitable for beginners and can be enjoyed on its own or alongside the corresponding lessons in G.U.T.S.

La Leyenda de la casa misteriosa de Madrid

La leyenda del acueducto de Segovia

La leyenda de la silla del diablo de Valladolid

La leyenda del castillo del buen amor - Salamanca

La leyenda del tesoro oculto del castillo de ponferrada y la orden del templo – Léon

Directores de Cine Hispanoamericanos

Available in Intermediate and Advanced

From Spain to Latin America, visionary directors have risen to leave their indelible marks on the silver screen. This series explores the cinematic legacy of some of the greatest filmmakers in the Spanish speaking world.