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The Present Perfect - Part I

The pretérito perfecto (Present Perfect) is a compound tense. Like all compound tenses, is formed with the auxilary verb haber plus the past participle of the verb we want to use. The pretérito perfecto is formed with the present tense of haber: yo he, tú has, él/ella/usted ha, nosotros/as hemos, vosotros/as habéis, ellos/as/ustedes han; followed by the past participle. Regular past participles are formed by adding –ado to the stem of –ar verbs and –ido to the –er and –ir verbs.

Conjugation of the pretérito perfecto of regular verbs:

–ar verbs:
hablar: he hablado, has hablado, ha hablado, hemos hablado, habéis hablado, han hablado.

–er verbs:
comer: he comido, has comido, ha comido, hemos comido, habéis comido, han comido.

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