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To lose your train of thought

Irse el santo al cielo

To get bigheaded

Subirse a la parra

To give/have goosebumps

Ponerse la piel de gallina

To be on the ball

Estar al loro

To be down in the dumps

Caer(se) el alma a los pies

To find out the hard way

Enterarse de lo que vale un peine

To not act your age

A la vejez, viruela


Al pie de la letra

Wisdom comes with age

Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo

Rizar el rizo

The expression rizar el rizo is very common in Spain and highly used in all sorts of contexts and situations. Literally it means to curl the curl, or curling the curl; which metaphorically translates to complicate matters even further for no apparent reason. Gilding the lily and to loop the loop may be fairly approximate English expressions to connote this meaning.

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