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¡Contigo pan y cebolla!

The common and very familiar Spanish expression contigo pan y cebolla is used in Spain in a humoristic way to let your significant other know "how deep is your love". The fact that a couple may not have a lot of money is not an obstacle for them to get married and live a happy life as long as they love each other. Bread and onions used to represent two types of food that are available to anyone and people with a certain social and economic status would never indulge in eating them, since they can afford a more varied and healthier diet. The idea of contigo pan y cebolla may be expressed in English with expressions like: with you through thick and thin; If I am with you I do not need anything else; through all the ups and downs; I'll forbear any burden in life being with you.

¡El amor! Cuando estamos enamorados el cerebro libera una sustancia llamada feniletilamina, la cual suprime la sensación de hambre y sed.

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